10th Grade Exhibitions Information Center

This page collects information about the Watkinson 10th Grade Exhibitions process. Please see below for more information.

The Exhibitions Online Work Process

Here is an overview of the steps necessary to complete the online component of your Exhibition:

  1. Create and share an Exhibitions Materials Google Drive folder
  2. Create folders within it to store and organize materials
  3. Collect and add materials to your folders
  4. Log into your website account using provided username and password
  5. Choose a website address (yoursite.weebly.com, yourwebsite.watspaces.org, etc.)
  6. Identify content from Google Drive to add to your website
  7. Choose your theme and design elements (typeface, colors, etc.)
  8. Create your site structure and navigation (add pages and links)
  9. Add content from your Google Drive folder
  10. Publish and get feedback
  11. Refine and optimize
  12. Present your site

Folder Creation

  1. Log into your Google Drive
  2. Create a new Google Drive folder using your name (e.g., "Tom G.'s Exhibitions Materials")
  3. Share the folder with your coach, primary advisor, and Ms. Bernbach
  4. Create subfolders for each type of work (Written Expression, Research, etc.)
  5. Add materials to subfolders

Use School Equipment to Scan Documents

The easiest option is to use our high-speed, double-sided document scanners. They are available in the following locations:

Put your page(s) face-down in the upper tray, hit the button to scan, and wait for the document to be saved (usually on the connected computer's desktop). Then, email yourself the document or drag-and-drop it into the appropriate Google Drive folder if using Chrome. Please see a member of the IT Department if you need assistance with your scans, we're glad to help!

Use an App to Scan Documents

There are several free scanning apps that you can install on your smartphone to scan documents. Just be sure to pick ones that allow you to create and send multi-page PDF files, and make sure your scans are readable (not upside-down, all content is visible, etc.)

Popular Free Scanning Apps

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